Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

When our energy is flowing normally, without obstruction, we feel good in every way. When our energy becomes blocked or stagnant or is otherwise disrupted along one or more of the body’s energy meridians, negative or damaging emotions can develop along with all types of physical symptoms. This idea has been the centerpiece of Eastern medicine for thousands of years.

“EFT involves gentle tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing your thoughts on pain, unhappy memories, uncomfortable emotions, food cravings, or any other problem. When properly done, the underlying emotional factors that contribute to the problem are typically released along with energy blocks.” *The EFT Manual by Gary Craig

The Basic Recipe for EFT

1. Identify your problem, being as specific as possible.

2. Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0 (no problem) -10 (problem most intense).

3. Begin tapping at the Karate Chop Point while stating, “Even though I have (your problem) I truely love and accept myself.” three times.

4. Begin tapping at the top of your head. Tap 5-7 times while you restate (your problem) at each of the eight points delineated on the photo. Go around to each point twice.

5. Take a deep breath and once again rate the intensity of you problem. Remember to stay in the here and now.

6. If the intensity isn’t down to a zero, tap around of the eight points twice again stating “remaining (your problem).”