Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Anger

Anger is a natural emotion that everyone expresses, appropriately and inappropriately. When we get angry inappropriately it usually due to a childhood wound being triggered. If you are not seeing a therapist to help you heal that childhood wound you can use EFT to dissipate the unwanted emotion.
EFT is the action of tapping on acupressure points while saying statements about your emotion. There are nine points and they are:

    1. Between your eyebrows
    2. On the outside of your eye
    3. Under your eye
    4. Under your nose
    5. Below your lower lip on your chin
    6. On your collarbone at the base of your neck
    7. On your side – 3” under your underarm
    8. The crown of your head

The very first place to start EFT is at the Karate Chop point. This is on the pinky finger side of your hand (either hand). Here you use the Set-up Statement of “Even though I am angry, I truly love and accept myself.” Say this three times while firmly tapping with the first two fingers of your opposite hand on the Karate Chop Point. Then start tapping the 8 points mentioned above. While you are tapping on these points you will say “this anger.” Tap a couple of rounds on these 8 points than assess your level of anger. Do this until you no longer feel angry. There are many ways to successfully use EFT for issues bothering us and there are ways to fine tune this process to address your anger, this is just meant to be an introductory approach to EFT.

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